Aug 23rd – Run from Church


Raised in Church-Run from Church – The Bible tells us that when we raise a child in the way of the Lord he/she will not depart from it. Really? What happens when that “departing” is unequivocal and radical? Jay Bakker, son of evangelical superstars Jim and Tammy Bakker, stood in the humiliating limelight of his disgraced parents. Then ran from the only life he knew. Reba Riley found herself in church 5 days a week and churched-out at age 30. Where are they now? In The Sitting Room.

GUESTS: Jay Bakker and Reba Riley

Photo Credit: AP, Lou Krasky, 1986

Aug 16th – Transgender

The Change

The Change – Bruce, now Caitlyn, Jenner put the mind of a transgender in the headlines. It is difficult for the secular world to grasp, and even more challenging is evaluating and engaging this issue from a Christian perspective. Joining Kathy in the Sitting Room is Dr. Mark Yarhouse, one of the nation’s leading voices of the evangelical response to gender dysphoria. He explains how to rise above political and ideological battles to provide ministry, pastoral support and compassionate care to all persons.

Also in the Sitting Room is Margaret Philbrick. She loves God and her sister. Even when her sister decided that it felt more natural to be Margaret’s brother. We’ll talk about it in the Sitting Room…Join us.

GUESTS: Mark Yarhouse and Margaret Philbrick

Aug 9th – God Who?

Is it OK to be angry at God? Is it fine to take a short vacation from faith? Joining Kathy in The Sitting Room are two people who talk about the natural ebb and flow of life and faith. Ryan Bell discuss his, Year Without God. Comedienne Susan Isaacs, explains why she had Angry Conversations with God.

GUESTS: Ryan Bell and Susan Isaacs

Aug 2nd – Mental Illness

Can God heal the mind? – It’s not a character defect, a spiritual disorder or an emotional dysfunction. Chief of all, it’s not a choice. Is asking someone to “try” not to be depressed tantamount to asking someone who’s been shot to “try” to stop bleeding? Some in the Church may say, “…if only you had enough faith…”

What’s the reality behind depression and how should the church handle it? Joining Kathy in The Sitting Room is recording artist and former co-host of Christian television’s, “The 700 Club,” Sheila Walsh. Also stopping by is author and personal coach, Amy Simpson.

Guests: Sheila Walsh and Amy Simpson

Jul 26th – Lonely People

All the lonely people – We are clearly some of the most connected people in the world. Smart phones and social media put “friends” instantly at our fingertips. So, why are we so lonely? 1 in 3 Americans say they experience significant loneliness every week. Joining Kathy in The Sitting Room is Erin Davis, author of Connected: Curing the Pandemic of Being Alone Together. Also, Tammy Maltby returns to talk about God’s great ability to see you, really see YOU even when it seems no one else does.

GUESTS: Tammy Maltby and Erin Davis

Jul 19th – Real Love

You be the judge? – Are you at war with someone Jesus loves? Many Christians are. We find it much easier to judge those outside of the church than to love them. Kathy welcomes into The Sitting Room, Rich Nathan. He’ll help us understand how to tackle the knotty issues of morality while maintaining our commitment to our faith. Also paying a visit is Carl McColman, who says that God is much bigger than we allow Him to be.

GUESTS: Rich Nathan and Carl McColman

Jul 5th – Too Generous

Helping the Poor – That’s what we say we’re doing, but is our generosity hurting those we want to help? Americans like to give and our charitable organizations are some of the largest in the world. Charity may feel good to the donor…but does our giving really help the poor through long-term transformation? Joining Kathy in The Sitting Room is Bob Lupton. He argues that these programs inadvertently establish dependency and turn people into beggars. We’ll also talk with Mike Yankowski, who actually chose to live under a bridge for a year to learn what poverty really feels like.

SCHEDULED GUESTS: Bob Lupton and Mike Yankowski

Jun 28th – Where Is God?

Where is God?

In Tough Times – Where is God when life turns against you? Isn’t He supposed to bless those who follow him? Join Kathy in The Sitting Room where we’ll meet Peter Chin; a man who — in one year — experienced a home invasion, business failure, his wife’s miscarriage and her bout withbreast cancer. We’ll also hear about Laua Sobiech’s son, Zach, who became a viral video sensation with his song “Clouds” recorded months before his death. (Now with more than 11 million views) She celebrates his life in the middle of suffering.

Come on into the Sitting Room to find out Who God really is when suffering blindsides you.

SCHEDULED GUESTS: Peter Chin and Laura Sobiech

Jun 21st – Father’s Day

Father's Day

Ready for “the talk?” – How can fathers move beyond the awkwardness of the “sex talk” and engage in open conversation about dating, temptation, pornography, and purity? Kathy welcomes Jonathan McKee into the Sitting Room to talk about fatherhood in the 21st century.

And Garth Callaghan, the “Napkin Notes Dad,” is back to update us on his battle with cancer and his daily love for his daughter.

GUESTS: Jonathan McKee and Garth Callaghan

Jun 14th – Graduation Day

Graduation Day

All GROAN Up – This month, millions of graduates will be thrust into a “big boy” or “big girl” world with their freshly-minted college degrees. Are they all dressed up with no where to go to work? Sadly, many will find “The American Dream” (if such a thing exists any longer) elusive at best.

What are the challenges ahead for these Twenty-Somethings and are they really equipped to take them on? Twenty-Something’s author and mentor, Paul Angone, talks to this group with inspiration, hope, hilarity and just plain good advice.

Also in The Sitting Room, Mary Hunt explains why good financial habits begin while living with mom and dad. The author of “The Financially Confident Woman” and a blogger on, she reveals the 9 essential money rules that every one should live by.

GUESTS: Paul Angone and Mary Hunt

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