Kathy Chiero


Kathy was raised in a Christian home with six brothers and sisters. She has an extensive background in journalism, radio and television communications. She began writing for a local newspaper at age 17 and worked for almost 20 years for the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. While at The 700 Club Kathy served as a Senior Producer, News Anchor and Reporter, and occasional co-host of The 700 Club television show.

Kathy is innately curious and finds everyone fascinating. She loves the Russian proverb “when a man dies a library burns down” – as every life is a fascinating mix of drama and comedy; pain and joy; wisdom and foolishness, brilliance and mistakes. She has often said that she could do a one hour show on any name she pulled from the phone book – because behind every person is a story…a gift… a purpose for which God created them.

She left full-time television in 1996 to begin a career in real estate. A top producing agent in Central Ohio, Kathy attributes her success to her ability to communicate. In recent years she has returned to her first love – broadcasting and telling stories. Hers and yours. Today, Kathy lives in Columbus, Ohio with her three almost-grown children (do we ever stop paying their cell phone bills?) and dreams of retiring to the south.

Kathy is a gifted speaker and has a heart for women – teaching practical truths from God’s word and life imperfectly lived. Her own “ups and downs” in marriage, kids, work, and life and her willingness to speak honestly about God’s grace through it, is the foundation for The Sitting Room and will bless live audiences as well. Her ideal setting is live groups – either conference style or in smaller “break out” sessions where the audience can be encouraged to share, grow, and learn together.

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