Jun 14th – Graduation Day

Graduation Day

All GROAN Up – This month, millions of graduates will be thrust into a “big boy” or “big girl” world with their freshly-minted college degrees. Are they all dressed up with no where to go to work? Sadly, many will find “The American Dream” (if such a thing exists any longer) elusive at best.

What are the challenges ahead for these Twenty-Somethings and are they really equipped to take them on? Twenty-Something’s author and mentor, Paul Angone, talks to this group with inspiration, hope, hilarity and just plain good advice.

Also in The Sitting Room, Mary Hunt explains why good financial habits begin while living with mom and dad. The author of “The Financially Confident Woman” and a blogger on www.debtproofliving.com, she reveals the 9 essential money rules that every one should live by.

GUESTS: Paul Angone and Mary Hunt

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